Kim Richardson

It would be my pleasure to put my life experience to work for you. I enjoy assisting others on their journey of self discovery and transformation of their life.  If you are struggling, let me assist and support you.  In my lifetime I have had many bouts of depression, failed relationships and experienced traumatic loss.  I felt all these things defined my life and what it would become.  With the help of my mentors in the form of spiritual teachers/friends I learned to forgive myself and others.  I discovered who I wanted to become.  Most importantly, I learned how to maintain a positive life and attract abundance all around me. I am so humble and grateful for all my experiences and what they have taught me.  I am full of gratitude for the life I live today, what a feeling!  I would be honored to be a part of your journey. 


Kim is an author, teacher, motivational speaker, coach, mentor, ordained minister, 

and certified MBS Practitioner. Through sharing her own personal experiences, she 

empowers individuals to transform their lives. Kim resides in Payson Arizona where

she enjoys the warm weather and sunshine with her family. Her passion is helping

people discover their true gifts and how to use them in the world. Kim helps individuals

 to heal, forgive and expand without judgement. Kim teaches with unconditional love

as she hopes it will have a ripple effect in the world. 



Photo by Melissa Corter